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Short-form user-generated content (UGC) videos is what you need to grow your brand and connect with your customers! These can be shared on TikTok, Instagram, sponsored posts and more! From hopping on trends, unboxing, providing tutorials, showing the product in action, and more - watch the videos below to see what Contra Design Co can do for your brand 👇🏻

UGC Video Portfolio

Hi, I'm Corona!

From photographer to brand designer, there's one thing that's certain: I've always had a creative eye.

With 10 years under my belt working in marketing, advertising, and branding, I've become quite familiar with content creation.

And now as a small business owner, I've got a good grip of the everchanging world of social media, what people want to watch, and how to connect to my customers. But enough about me because I'm here to help you produce original, authentic and relatable content!

Contra's goal is to support brands by creating high quality video content that connects to their target audience, increases brand awareness, and most importantly, converts to sales.

UGC for Brands

What is UGC? Why is it important?

User-Generated Content (UGC) is any type of content (text, photo, video, review, etc.) that's been curated by the PEOPLE and not the brand.

The most effective type of marketing is word-of-mouth and personal recommendations because people trust people. This is why UGC is important because it allows potential customers to get a glimpse of what you have to offer by real people and actual users.

Key benefits of UGC:

  • Affordable marketing strategy
  • Unique and exclusive content
  • Feels authentic, relevant and relatable
  • Establishes trust between the consumer and brand

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